WFDA Winter Field Day

The Club will be conducting a joint operating activity with the Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club as part of the 2019 WFDA Winter Field Day. The activity will take place at the La Luz Fire Station. Setup begins on Saturday, January 26 at 8:30am with operating activities commencing at 12:00pm and concluding at 12:00pm on Sunday. The AARC will have 4 radios on the air utilizing a wide variety of modes and antennas. This is a great event for new amateur radio operators or those curious about amateur radio to get on the air and see what the hobby has to offer.

2019 WFDA Winter Field Day

Come join the Club as we partner with Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club to participate in the 2019 Winter Field Day radio operating activity on Saturday, January 26, 2019 through Sunday, January 27, 2019. Winter Field Day is an annual activity which promotes amateur radio emergency preparedness by conducting radio operations under improvised field conditions during winter weather. The Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club supports this activity from their regular meeting location at the La Luz Fire Station in La Luz, NM:

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Setup for the event begins at 8:30am on January 26 at the fire station. Radio operations will commence at 12:00pm and run for 24 continuous hours. The Alamogordo club is planning on running 4 separate radios for the event on a wide variety of frequencies and operating modes. There is sure to be an operating activity of interest to all! This event is a great introduction to a broader range of radio operations for new hams or those potentially interesting in learning more about the hobby.

For more information on the local activity contact the Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club at:

For more information on Winter Field Day visit the website.