The Club maintains a linked repeater system operating under the club callsign, KE5MIQ, which covers much of the southern half of the Sacramento Mountains, as well as many areas in far west Texas and southern New Mexico.

Name RX Frequency CTCSS In/Out Offset Latitude Longitude
Alamo Peak 147.22MHz 151.4 / 151.4 Hz + N 32° 52.36′ W 105° 48.74′
James Ridge 147.34MHz 151.4 / 151.4  Hz + N 32° 57.90′ W 105° 36.31′
Weed Lookout 146.96MHz 151.4 / 151.4 Hz N 32° 48.38′ W 105° 33.60′

All three club repeaters are Yaesu DR2X multi-mode repeaters.  Using the information in the table above, users can enjoy linked operation of all three repeaters using analog FM mode.

The repeaters are programmed using Yaesu’s AMS (Automatic Mode Select) option, allowing each repeater to also repeat Yaesu System Fusion (C4FM) digital transmissions.


Digital users simply need the repeater output frequency listed above, the proper offset, and a Fusion-capable radio set to DN or VW mode.

Analog users wishing to avoid listening to digital transmissions should set a PL tone of 151.4 Hz on both transmit and receive to filter digital transmissions.

Digital users wishing to avoid listening to analog FM operations should lock their Fusion radios into either DN or VW mode (i.e. turn off AMS).

All users are encouraged to utilize the Busy Channel Lockout (BCLO) feature, if their radios are so equipped, to keep from transmitting on top an ongoing QSO using the opposite mode.


The Club linked repeater system coverage is depicted below.

KE5MIQ Full System Coverage