The Sacramento Mountains Radio Club was originally conceived by Reg Duncan, W5UWY, and Howard Shiplett, KD5BZF, and proposed to local area amateur radio operators as a way to facilitate augmentation of local emergency services amateur communications in the mountain communities, as well as provide expanded amateur communications during non-emergency conditions. The core focus of the Club has been to train amateur radio operators, promote amateur radio, and support the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). The club was officially established October 10, 2005.


The Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico are comprised of approximately 1.1 million acres of thick conifer National Forest interspersed with private land and residences.  The elevation of the area varies between 4500′ MSL to over 12,000′ MSL.  The area contains several thousand miles of unimproved roadways which can, at times, be very difficult to traverse.  Average snowfall in the mountains is over 60 inches per year.  The ruggedness and remote nature of the mountain terrain make conventional communication systems sporadic, and quite often simply non-existent.  Gaps in government-run emergency communications systems have been mitigated for licensed volunteers and emergency responders by implementation of the SMRC linked repeater system.