System Update

As of 2000 MDT tonight, the SMRC club radio system has been upgraded at all three sites with Yaesu DR2X repeaters on 2m. The upgrade should correct the issues the system has been having with the link radio at James Ridge, and analog linking was tested across the whole system with no issues noted.

The upgrade also brings C4FM to all three repeaters sites; however, digital linking is still a work in progress. Each individual site will repeat both analog FM and C4FM transmissions, but only the analog transmissions will link to all three sites.

NOTE: As part of the system upgrade, the PL tones to access all three system repeaters has changed to 151.4 Hz. Regular users of the system will have to reprogram their radios to reflect this change.

An additional part of the upgrade was adding a PL tone on the output of each repeater. Analog FM users who do not want to listen to the audio of digital system users can simply set a PL tone of 151.4 on their radio receive, as well as transmit, and it will prevent any digital signals from breaking squelch, as digital is transmitted from the repeater with no PL tone at all. In addition, users who have a Busy Channel Lockout (BCLO) feature on their radios are encouraged to use that feature, as it will prevent analog and digital users from transmitting on top of opposite mode transmissions.

The Repeaters section of this website has been updated with the new repeater programming data, so reference that page for detailed information on system configuration.

Note any issues with the new system over the next few weeks and be prepared to discuss at the September club meeting.

Thanks to Bill, KI5J, for his assistance in getting everything transitioned to the new repeater radios, as well as the technical work behind the scenes to make it happen. Enjoy the new radios!