As of 12:30pm this afternoon, the full linked repeater system is back on the air for analog FM linking. I took a trip to Alamo Peak this morning to see if the road was passable. The short answer is … “barely”:

Alamo Peak Road

There is still about 24″ of snow on the ground around Alamo Peak, and several additional inches were dropped yesterday afternoon. I was able to crawl my way back to just short of the comm site turnoff. All stranded vehicles on the road have been removed; however, there is still a significant amount of ice under the snow, which made driving an exciting activity.

Due to the snow depth, I had to hike from Alamo Peak Road in to the repeater site:

Hiking in to Alamo Peak comm site

The ice on the snow was thick enough to hold my weight, which actually made the hike easier than I had planned.

Once at the equipment shed, I quickly installed the coupling cable from the DR2X repeater to the Radius link radio. The homework I’d done previously finally paid off. A quick comm check with K5WAZ proved the Alamo Peak machine was linked both ways with James. A subsequent check with KG5VIN confirmed the two-way link between Alamo Peak and the Weed repeater.

Now that we have a working, standardized DR2X configuration at Alamo Peak, my next efforts will be to construct “install-grade” cables for all three sites, and program a Motorola link radio to replace the TKR-850 at James Ridge. Once I have those two tasks done, replacing the legacy radios at James Ridge and Weed should be a quick task, and will bring C4FM access to the rest of the system.

Thanks to K5WAZ, KG5VIN, KF5VLJ, and KG5DAC for their help in getting the system back up and running. As always, if you have any issues with the repeater system, please shoot me a text or email and I’ll see what I can do to work the problem. 73 and see you on the linked system!


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