2018 New Mexico QSO Party

The 2018 New Mexico QSO Party will be held Saturday, April 14th from 8:00am – 8:00pm MDT.  For New Mexico-based stations, the objective is to work as many NM counties, states, Canadian provinces, and other DX entities as possible in the 12 hour period.

Club members are strongly encouraged to participate in the QSO party, as this year’s rules allow club members’ individual scores to be aggregated and the Club ranked against other participating clubs.  Last year our club placed 13 out of 17 among participating clubs and we’re looking to increase participation to boost our ranking at this year’s QSO party.

Content rules, participation categories, logging procedures, and other contest-related information can be found at the NM QSO Party website:  http://www.newmexicoqsoparty.org/

We will discuss participation in the QSO party at this weekend’s monthly meeting.  Of note, the scoring system for the QSO party affords mobile stations a 5000 point bonus for each county from which 15 or more contacts are made.  I am planning on activating many of the southern counties in NM to include: OTE, CHA, EDD, LIN, SOC, SIE, DON, LUN, GRA, and HID.  A quick trip from Cloucroft to Artesia to Roswell to Ruidoso and home activates 4 counties and can be accomplished in half a day.

If you have questions on the QSO party, please contact me at your earliest convenience.  Hope to see you on the air next Saturday!

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