2018 Fox Hunt

The Club held its first annual Fox Hunt fundraiser on Saturday, March 2nd in Alamogordo, NM. Hunters met in Alameda Park next to the Alamogordo Zoo for initial instructions and fox activation:

Fox hunters prep for a day’s hunt!

Once the hunt frequency was given out, the fox was activated and the hunters were off. After approximately 90 minutes, many of the hunters ended up scouring the campus of New Mexico State University – Alamogordo:

Hunters narrow down the chase at New Mexico State University Alamogordo

Hunters ended up walking past the cleverly concealed fox about 2 dozen times before Bob, KF5VLJ, inspecting a pine tree near a footpath, discovered the fox taped to the tree with camouflage tape:

Fox #1 is found!

Hunters on scene congratulated Bob, then quickly set out to find the bonus fox:

Hunters prep to move out and find Fox #2

While some hunters got waylaid at NMSUA, other hunters took off across town towards Desert Foothills park, where DF cuts indicated hunters might find the 2nd fox:

Hunters on the prowl for Fox #2!

After much searching, Sam, KG5UAJ, discovered the second fox cleverly concealed on a wooden stake in some dried brush:

Sam, KG5UAJ, finder of the 2nd fox

After a tough day’s hunt, the intrepid hunters gather back at Alameda Park for some relaxing and camaraderie:

Fox hunters gather after a tough day’s hunt
Some hunters regale others with tales of “the one that got away…”
The prize drawings at the end of the hunt made it all worth it!

Thanks to Ed, WA5CAT, and everyone else who made this year’s fox hunt a resounding success, and thanks to Craig, KG5VIN, for the outstanding photos documenting the event!

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